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Prototype Entities is an equity-focused consulting firm. We provide support and solutions to nonprofits, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and corporations.


Identify the collective experiences of your team and define intended goals for your organization based upon previous performance measures.

Coaching & Training

Learn the best ways to engage stakeholders through coaching and professional development, to enhance company philosophy, culture, and productivity.


Data & Analysis

Collect, track, and interpret data through mixed-methods frameworks to provide research-based metrics that inform program effectiveness and organizational culture.

Why Equity Matters

We believe in creating opportunities where everyone has equal and just access to social, educational, and economic advancement. Having a more diverse and inclusive educational ecosystem, workforce, and workplace will lead to greater economic productivity at the micro and macro levels within our society. We are committed to championing practices that promote and cultivate equitable policies, procedures, and outcomes for all. 

Organizational systems that embrace equity see many benefits, including:

A diverse and

talented workforce

Increased economic

activity and outcomes

Social mobility for 




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